Consent I never do this, but I’d like to give this topic a platform. Just something I feel very strongly about, as something similar happened to me. I’ll tell my story about it I guess shortly, but this has happened to me. And it was all done without my explicit consent.

It’s difficult to talk about, and the assholes involved know who they are, and everybody else too, since they publicly posted about it. It’s also more difficult to comprehend that anybody would do something like this to somebody, but I’d like to try to help other victims with this, as I can identify. Drop me a PM. Please, please don’t feel alone. You have nothing to feel bad for or be embarrassed for. It’s them who have done wrong, not you.

I was in a relationship, albeit casual or whatever, with one person. He was constantly asking me to send pictures. He promised me he would come back. He lied. He had a girlfriend, which he NEVER told me about. So, when I broke up with him for never coming home, to get revenge, he got his friends to pretend he was coming back, text me from his phone and they shared photos with fellow scumbags, in some sort of pathetic attempt to make me look bad, or to question the validity of my feelings at the time. He then tried to excuse his scumbag behaviour by making up that I cheated. I’ve never known a real narcissist before, so I was not exactly used to the lies and manipulation, but that it what it was. I fell for a broken mind, a broken person, an extremely dull person, a shallow-minded fake, a liar, a fraud, a talentless, boring, cliché-riddled ego. My bad.

This is false, obviously. I did not cheat. I have never, and would never cheat on anybody. I’m not like that.

This person got his friends to pretend that they were him, after two years of lying to me and telling me he would visit me again and these friends shared my photos and videos without my explicit consent. They set it up like this, and then tried to use my images and videos against me, but even more stupidly, tried to tell me how I felt about this guy. Newsflash idiots: Only I know how I felt. These people seem about as deep as a teaspoon. What the hell were you trying to prove with that bs?

These people made disgusting jokes about my body, about my face. These people can burn in hell, as I refuse to stay quiet about it. You all have defamed yourself. I did nothing but sit back and let them do it to themselves, online, publicly.

Don’t stay quiet about it. Start talking. Do not feel scared, do not feel isolated, and please contact the police. Talk to your friends and family, speak up, you’re not alone and it is not your fault, no matter what they say. You have the right to not be sexually violated. You have the right to express yourself. You have to right to end relationships that are bad for you without having to deal with somebody else’s shortcomings as a person. Revenge porn is not ok. You did nothing wrong.



X x X


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