Obsessed with learning new thing and experimenting, mostly. I am a complete space-cadet, born in the 80’s. Musician, photographer, psychology student and (hopefully) future music therapist, unintentionally massively offensive but a owner of a good heart and I love to make people laugh.  I am inspired by melodies, old upright pianos, synesthesia (chromosthesia to be exact), languages, travelling, old people, relationships, you, the soul and the way things are right now and how things change and applying Simpsons philosophy to everything.

I have lost so many cameras that I don’t even remember what they were, from snapshots and my phone to full DSLR’S. Currently working with Canon EOS110D and Nikon D500 (I cant decide). My favourite weapon of choice is my Canon AE1. Also getting to know a Pentax Asahi and still playing around with some lomography cameras, and glitch! Tadaa.

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