“My internal monologue is saturated analog…” Pedestrian At Best, Courtney Barnett.

Various cameras

Five Suns at High Noon

Five  exposures, Canon 500n, 35 mm


Kodak Tri-X ISO 400


Canon 500n, 35mm

Rush-Hour in CrazyVille

Holga Twin-Lens, 120mm

Holga Twin Lens, 120mm

Drowning in a Sea of Love

Canon 500n, 200 ISO, 35mm

Strawberry Fields Forever

Canon 500n, 200 ISO, 35mm

David Hasselhoff

Canon 500n, 200 ISO, 35mm

Tea Dance

Canon 500n, 35mm

Dawn in Barcelona 

120mm Holga Twin Lens

My Favourite Light

Canon AE1, 35 mm

Accidental Failed Cat Portrait//Fail Better

Canon 500n 35mm

Original White Noise Lady

Canon 500n, 35mm

Coffee & Cigarettes

Canon Ae-1, 35mm

Bowie, my little tiger

Canon Ae-1, 35 mm

Barcelonetta Sun

Holga Twin Lens, 120mm

Summer of Love, Liverpool City, 2009


They Call Me The Wild Rose




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