A4 Sounds

A4 sounds is an artist collective based in Dublin City which specialises in studio & workSpaces, workshop, darkroom, screen printing, electronics area, workshops, gallery & event space, graphic design, glitch art, animation and making crazy noise. Probably my favourite place to hang out in Dublin! Here are some pictures of Culture night, workshops and the space itself. 🙂dsc_0439dsc_0440dsc_0444dsc_0446dsc_0447dsc_0460dsc_0467dsc_0469dsc_0472dsc_0473dsc_0474dsc_0478dsc_0479dsc_0480dsc_0482dsc_0484dsc_0485dsc_0487dsc_0488dsc_0491dsc_0493dsc_0495dsc_0497dsc_0499dsc_0500dsc_0502dsc_0508dsc_0509dsc_0510dsc_0512dsc_0514dsc_0515dsc_0517dsc_0525dsc_0527dsc_0528dsc_0529dsc_0530dsc_0532dsc_0533dsc_0535dsc_0538dsc_0539dsc_0543dsc_0546dsc_0555dsc_0562


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