Your laugh you’re  too wild you’re too boring you’re not as pretty as you’re too smart you’re dumb as fuck you’re too nice you’re cold as ice you trust too easily you doubt everybody you’re too fat you’re too thin your laugh  we wish you would pay attention  you’re too much you’re talented but nothing special could you please dumb it down for us all you’re fake you’re too tactless could you please soften the blow your eyes are too sad I wish you would stop laughing for five minutes please why don’t you care about me your feelings are irrelevant why don’t you put yourself out there nobody wants to see you anyway you are beautiful you are the devil you wrecked everything you’re too soft your presence is not wanted how come you didn’t write back your mind you’re blowing my mind I can’t stop yawning you are an angel you are a star your laugh you’re nothing special your touch you are lame you aren’t worth  anything you’re only right when you’re wrong you fight you give in too easily you are poison could you please cure me you are dead but you make me feel alive you are you aren’t you were and you will be and it’s all your fault your dreams don’t mean anything your reality is fake  and you are and are on and on and you continue to do it and you did it on purpose your laugh your kiss you know too much but you’re never enough I just can’t but I can’t stop loving all your edges your laugh when you laugh your laugh I hate your face you’re perfect 


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