I began experimenting with glitch as part of a new four-piece, dark-wave/ electro-punk (whatever) band I joined in Summer 2015, Sacred Heart Magnet. Inspired by the glorious analog synth, synaesthesia and Liz Frasers’s voice.  Tunes coming soon! This is just a little space for experimental album art & graphic design stuff.


There is more to life than what you can see.

Sacred Heart Magnet

Sonar PolySynth teaser, because talking and   writing about writing music is like dancing about architecture.

Debilitating Giggles Photogram Analaog Glitch inspired by that kind of laughter that makes your face and sides hurt kinda like the first time seeing homer fall off that cliff and get picked  up by that ambulance and then dat ambalaaance crashes into a tree, alla y’all.

Sundara-data bent image ran through echo, invert and pitch change using Audacity audio Software


what about my sweater?!

Poetic Justice! Rain on a tent sounds like sparklers. Another crackpot synesthetic moment, I just mixed it with a recording from  a noisy spazzed-out jam 🙂

Piano Hands


Love Spin 

A cover maybe


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