Film Factor: A Spotlight on Analog Photography

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In the age of Instagram and fancy DSLR cameras, many expected film to quickly and silently vanish. Instead, the rise of digital cameras brought about a renewed interest in the medium. Here’s a selection of photographers and photobloggers who keep the quirky, warm magic of film alive.

Polina Washington


Polina is a photographer with a keen interest in self-portraiture, a topic she’s also written about on her blog.

Polina Washington, based in Saint Petersburg, Russia, explores identity, folklore, and landscape through analog techniques like film soaking and multiple exposure. The resulting images — like in her dvrkvisions series — are haunting and strangely familiar, like dark fairy tales come to life.

Best in Black and White

Ilford Photo has been a leading manufacturer of black-and-white film since the 19th century; on the company’s blog, aptly named Best in Black and White, you’ll find choice monochrome photography…

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